Organizational Health Index (Ohi) Survey In Logistics...


Organizational health index (ohi) survey in logistic & health commodities department, nphcda.

In February 2013, the department carried out the Organizational Health Index (OHI) Survey, an assessment intended to assess an organization's ability to deliver above-average operational performance over the long term. 

The survey measured the department's performance along nine core dimensions: 1) External orientation, 2) Accountability, 3) Direction, 4) Capabilities, 5) Leadership 6) Coordination and control, 7) Culture and climate, 8) Motivation, and 9) Innovation and learning. In addition, each staff member participated in an hour-long interview focused on individual capabilities.

The survey and interview were completed by ~40 staff members at the national and zonal levels. The department discussed the outcome of this survey during a two-day Mirror Workshop in March 2015, during which staff aligned on a future vision for the department's performance and concrete steps to move forward. The survey results and consensus from the Mirror Workshop have been incorporated into the design of several new initiatives, including the ongoing Supply Chain Leaders Development Program.





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